LewisOn this day in 1963 the sun hung low in the United States and the land of Narnia. On this day John F Kennedy was assassinated and C.S. Lewis, Narnia’s creator passed away just short of his 65th birthday. Today Landmark Books celebrates Lewis’ life in books and mourns his passing.

C.S. Lewis was born Clive Staples Lewis on November 29th, 1898 in Belfast Ireland. He attended several schools in England eventually receiving a scholarship to Oxford University in 1916. Before he could attend Oxford Lewis volunteered for service in the British Army in World War I. His experiences there would change his life forever. He was wounded in April 1918 by what we now call friendly fire and he witnessed the death of two of his fellow soldiers. Following that event he suffered from depression and was discharged in December of 1918.

Lewis then returned to Oxford to continue his studies. He earned his first degree in 1920 in Greek and Latin Literature followed by Philosophy and Ancient History in 1922. In 1923 he earned his first degree in English.

Lewis published his first works in 1919 under the pen name Clive Hamilton, a collection of poems called ‘Spirits In Bondage’. He would not write his first work of fiction until 1933 when he published a parody called ‘Pilgrim’s Regress’. He would go on to write a space trilogy and several works of nonfiction before publishing the first book on Narnia in 1950. He would complete the tales in 1956 with ‘The Last Battle’.

The works of C.S. Lewis have been translated in over 30 different languages and his books remain as part of the canon of many great books lists. We have a great selection of his books in the store and encourage you to read them. So stop by Landmark Books today!

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