ALAOn this day in 1876 an organization was formed that has impacted our country in innumerable ways. The American Library Association formed on this day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This non-profit organization is now the largest in the world with over 62,000 members. Its mission is promoting libraries and library education worldwide and in recent years advocating intellectual freedoms. The groups founding members included free thinkers and industrialists like Justin Winsor, Charles Ammi Cutter, Samuel S. Green, James L. Whitney, Melvil Dewey, Fred B. Perkins, Charles Evans, and Thomas W. Bicknell. Today the organization is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois where it has been since 1879. They also have offices in Washington D.C. Without the ALA’s efforts the library system we are accustomed to would not exist and many books we see on our shelves and consider classics would be banned from view. So we at Landmark Books would like to celebrate this amazing organization and thank them for all they do!

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