SingerOn this day in 1978 Isaac Bashevis Singer was awarded the Nobel Prize. He was born in Poland in 1902 and emigrated to the United States in 1935, just four years before the German invasion. He was considered the leading figure in the Yiddish literary movement writing and publishing in Yiddish. His first novel “The Family Moskat” was published in 1950. In all Singer published eighteen novels, fourteen children’s books, a number of memoirs, essays and articles. He is best known as a writer of short stories, which have been published in more than a dozen collections. His books were the basis for six films including Barbra Streisand’s “Yentl”. In 1970 he was awarded a National Book for Children’s Literature for his book, “A Day of Pleasure, Stories of a Boy Growing Up In Warsaw”. Then in 1974 he was awarded the National Book Award for Fiction for his novel, “A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories”. Then in 1978 He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Lierature. We have a number of his books in first edition including “The Family Moskat” so stop by and take a look!

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