2014 has closed and we look at the past year for what might be good investments for those who speculate on modern first edition books as their version of a 401K. Here are the ones I suggest to add to your portfolio:
The Laughing Monsters. By Denis Johnson. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) Signed First Editions top at $150. Unsigned First Edition, first printing tops at $45. This award winning writer is always one to watch.

Books To Collect 2014

Let Me Be Frank With You: A Frank Bascombe Book. By Richard Ford. (Ecco/HarperĀ¬Collins)
Signed First Editions top out at $100.00. First Edition hardcover copies top out at $40.00. This Pulitzer winner continues to be collectible.

The Goldfinch. By Donna Tartt. (Little Brown) Signed First Editions can sell for as much as $500.00 if you ignore the one on ebay for $2,500. Unsigned First editions are going for $150.00. This book Won Pulitzer Prize.

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales. By Margaret Atwood. ( McClelland & Stewart) First Canadian Editions are the true first for her and are selling unsigned for $40.00.

Something Rich and Strange. By Ron Rash. (Harper Collins) Signed First Edition copies sell as high as $110.00. Unsigned First Editions top out at $40.00. His stock continues to rise.

The Zone of Interest. By Martin Amis. (Jonathan Cape) Signed First British Edition is the true first and goes as high as $110.00 American Editions go for $75.00. First British Edition tops out at $40.00, American at $35.00. The son of Kingsley Amis is still a hot commodity.

Amnesia. By Peter Carey. (Faber & Faber) First British Editions go for $40. American Editions sell as high as $35. Get it signed and double your money.

Carthage. By Joyce Carol Oates. (Ecco, Harper Collins) Signed copies can be purchased for $30.00 and first editions can be purchased for $25.00 but these like her other books increase in value over time.

Three Stories. By J.M. Coetzze . This short 80 page book is so hard to find I was only able to track one copy down from Australia for $40.00 plus a boat load for shipping. I predict this book will be a hard to find collector book of the future.

All the Light We Cannot See. Anthony Doerr. (Scribner/ Simon & Schuster) Signed these go for as much as $375.00. First Editions unsigned go for $50.00.

Looking at the Northern Michigan region, of the several books that came into print this year, one has stood out as the most collectible. It is a small book called Ice Caves of Leelanau and features the photos by noted photographer Ken Scott and text by award winning author Jerry Dennis. It burned through the first printing and has continued to be a best seller in Northern Michigan. This is sure to become a valuable book as have past books by Scott.

So there you have it, books to consider for your book portfolio, may it gain you wealth or at least a great read.

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