On this day in 1868 a patent (US 79,265) was issued to Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W Soule of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for what they called the ‘type-writer’. Their machine was purchased for $12,000 by Densmore and Yost who peddled the design to E Remington and Sons. The Sholes Glidden Type-Writer went into production March 1st 1873 in Lion, New York. It became the first commercially successful typewriter produced.

Sholes Typewriter

By 1910 the evolution of the typewriter had settled down. The machines produced had standardized designs and an accepted keyboard layout. There were only slight differences between models and styles until 1961 when the I.B.M. Selectric Typewriter became the new Cadillac of typing machines.

I became interested in typewriters when I went to college and studied creative writing. There is no replacement for the feeling of your fingers pressing the keys and the sound of the type striking the paper and platen. At one point I had fifteen machines. Years later I still have the first typewriter I ever purchased, an L.C. Smith which sits as a reminder in my shop. I still enjoy the feeling of sitting in front of a typewriter and creating. Each machine is different and each machine has its own personality, which can’t be said for laptops or I-pads.

On Saturday, June 27th Landmark Books will be hosting their Second Annual Type-In. This event is designed for hands on fun for all ages. We invite the public to bring their typewriters to type or just display. We will have typewriters for sale and also ribbons. Landmark Books will provide the paper. So if you’ve never felt the keys of a real typewriter, it is a great opportunity to try it out and see why it is one of the fastest growing hobbies out there! The Type-In will begin at Noon and go until 4PM, call Landmark Books at 231-922-7225 if you have any questions. Come unplug and type-in!

If you own a manual typewriter that needs cleaning or service, Landmark Books can help. We charge $25/per hour and have experience with most models. We can also special order ribbons for almost any machine.