As we prepare to delve headfirst into winter, do you have a reading plan?  If not, I might suggest you consider a plan that meets your reading needs, so you aren’t left scrambling to get the missing book from the series you are reading, or suggested readings by the author.

First, if you have an author whom you are in love with, find out how many books are in the series, then find the chronological order.  Most authors have their own web sites for this, but if you must, Go-Go Googles I guess, but confirm it with a secondary source.

Once you have that list, confirm what you have and what you need to complete the list.  If you are missing books, and you’re like me and want only hardcovers, I suggest your local used bookshop.  Most books go out of print in hardcover months after they are published and used bookshops are the best resource.  Most, like Landmark Books are also happy to locate copies for you as well.

Now you should be ready to close the curtains, so you aren’t distracted by the snow, curl up in a blanket on the couch and begin your reading hibernation.

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