Five years ago when I opened Landmark Books I was given a flyer for an event being held in San Francisco called the Type-In. I was looking for events to have at my new bookstore and hadn’t considered typewriters since college, but thought I would give the idea try. I posted flyers and advertised the event on social media and my webpage. I had no expectations of who would show up for such an event. To my surprise people came from all over Michigan to attend the event and show off their machines.

This year will be our fifth year hosting the Type-In and we are thrilled to see how it has grown from a couple of machines to nearly fifty machines last year. We have had typewriters from Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, East and West Germany, Japan, Czechoslovakia and the U.S.S.R. to mention a few. We hope to break sixty machines at this year’s event. It is free and family friendly. We encourage people to try out the typewriters and experience why the Typosphere is the coolest thing making a comeback next to Vinyl Records.

We will provide the tables and paper, you bring the machines. If you want to sell or trade your machines, feel free to do so, Landmark Books does not take responsibility for customer machines, so if you’re worried about your machine, it will be your responsibility to watch it.

We are thrilled that once again members of the Michigan Typochondriacs will be attending all the way from the Kalamazoo area. The event is held rain or shine on Saturday June 23rd beginning at Noon. So come and welcome our out of town friends and enjoy an afternoon of typing fun!

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