Back in 1989 I had an idea that would become Squirrel Cane Press.  I wanted to publish broadsides and postcards by poets whom I respected and enjoyed their work.  I was in college at the time and so I didn’t really have the funds to publish much.  I managed to publish a couple of postcards and a couple of small poetry magazines, Q a Literary Review and Witchpenis: A Post-Beat Sheet.  After college I wasn’t able to continue with the press.  However three years ago with the opening of Landmark Books I took a chance and began publishing once again.


Over the past three years we have published an impressive catalog and are now launching a new venture into the world of chapbooks.  Squirrel Cane Press has just published the latest by award winning poet Paul Stebleton.  He is a Hopwood Award and Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize winner and his works have appeared throughout the country in journals like OnTheBus, Blank Gun Silencer and X-Ray Magazine.  The chapbook collects a series of poems written about his Grandmother whom he lived with for a brief time in the late 80’s.  It is called “Grandma Returns To the Earth” and it is available at Landmark Books as well as online at


We hope this will become a new and successful venture for the press and hope to be able to publish another chapbook in the near future, so watch our facebook page for updates on open submissions.  If you would like to see who we have published here is a list of broadsides and postcards we have created over the past three years:


“Chuck Called Her Mrs. Bukowski”  by Paul Stebleton

“Getting Inside Marlene Dietrich’s Typewriter”  by John Alberts

“Mad Angler’s Writer’s Manifesto”  by Michael Delp

“The Book Lady”  by Paul Stebleton

“Smelt Dipping At Point Pelee”  by Jim Daniels

“To Face the Ordinary” by Keith Taylor

“If I Were a Swan” by Fleda Brown


“Late Model Manuel, for Charles Bukowski”  by Paul Stebeton

“How Poets Decorate”  by Paul Stebleton

“Wool Gathering”  by Elizabeth Paxson

“Passage” by Edd Tury

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