October 1st marks our third year as Landmark Books. It has been a year full of growth and change as we continue to settle into our store. We have seen author readings, a birthday party and crowned a new King of the Beats of Traverse City. Here is a brief selection of events and excitement this past year:

November we hosted a reading by award winning poets Jennifer Sperry Steinorth and Scott Beal.
December we gave children the opportunity to type a letter to Santa on a vintage typewriter.
January, we celebrated the birth of J.R.R. Tolkien with drink and music from the Lord of the Rings.
February, we looked at New York Times Best Sellers from February 20th, 1966.
March, Landmark Books crowned our second King of the Beats of Traverse City at InsideOut Gallery.
April, we celebrated National Poetry Month with readings featuring will award winning writers Anne-Marie Oomen, Fleda Brown, Catherine Turnbull, Teresa Scollon, Chris Bazzett, Paul Stebleton, Marcy Branski, Michael Hughes, Candace Lee and Carrie Cantalupo Sharp.
June Landmark Books hosted our third Type-In with 40 typewriters on display.
August we held out second Haiku Contest with Squirrel Cane Press.
September we held our first Typewriter 101 workshop on cleaning and maintaining your machine.

We look forward to the year ahead with bigger plans for the future. I would like to thank our customers for your continued support and look forward to being you bookseller for years to come. We welcome suggestions for events or activities at the shop and watch our website and facebook page for updates on upcoming events.

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