This Saturday, November 12th Landmark Books will offer another workshop in their continuing Book Collecting 101 series. The workshop will tackle How To Build A Home Library. The event is free and will feature a special guest from Sheffield’s Fine Furniture to discuss different shelving options and how to pick out the best type of bookcases to house your collection.

So why build home library? This harkens back to the dawn of publishing. Many wealthy home owners collected vast libraries from their travels and housed them on ornate bookcases. Not only were they signs of wealth, but also represented their thirst for knowledge. In our current society they still represent the collections of peoples travels, but also their wide variety of interests. The cost of books has come down and a library is no longer out of reach for many of us. It also increases the value of your home. If you’re looking to make improvements to your home in the hope of growing your property’s value, home improvement loans can help you get the funds together to make these adjustments.

The workshop will help you with selecting an appropriate room in your home and best practices to bring it to life. For many homes, the best room is the home office. That’s because there is usually already office furniture in there that can double up as library furniture. Even if not, it’s easy enough to get some from places like Office Monster. However, there are plenty of other appropriate rooms if you don’t have a home office. Some people even make the decision to build an entirely new building on their property to ensure that their home library is situated in a quiet place away from their main residence. In this instance, looking into more details, like the prefab cabin cost, can help you to get a better idea of whether building another space is a route that you wish to take for your home library. The decision is entirely yours to make. There are a number of things to consider and we will touch on many of these. Also, we will discuss how to set up shelving and organize your collection so it is fun and easy to understand for users in your home. We will touch on some software out there as well for cataloging and managing your collection.

We look forward to seeing you at Landmark Books on November 12th for the event! Feel free to call us at 231-922-7225 or email for further information.

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