Do you repair books?

We do not offer repair services.  This specialized skill should only be attempted by skilled professionals who have studied the art of book binding.  I have learned from my own experience you can cause more damage if you don’t know what you are doing.  I can say that this service is not cheap.

Is there any way to eliminate the ‘musty’ smell from books?

Though miracle products are sold online, I have not come across anything I trust or would say is a go to solution for this common problem.  Watch all the videos online you want, I have seen none that I believe work every time.  Some also cause irreparable damage.  The best solution is to avoid buying such books and avoid putting your collection in a situation where they are exposed to such conditions.

Where do you get the covers for your books?

My shop uses products made by Brodart.  This library supply company has been supplying covers to libraries for decades and is a trusted source who delivers top notch service and products.  I can’t say this for a couple of other brands whom I will not besmirch them here.

Do you buy or sell textbooks?

Landmark Books does not buy or sell textbooks for college.  We sell vintage professional texts from the 1950’s and older, which make great decoration for offices and waiting rooms.

Do you repair typewriters?

Yes, Landmark Books can repair your manual typewriter and also help you locate a ribbon for your machine.  We Do Not repair electric typewriters.

Can you help me find a book?

Yes, we are happy to do book searches for out-of-print books.  If we can track it down we are happy to special order it for you.

Do you ship books?

Yes, for a nominal handling charge we will be happy to ship your books for you anywhere in the US.

Do you still build libraries?

Yes, if you have a budget in mind we can help you create a library of your dreams.  We can also help with locating a carpenter in your area.

If you have a question I didn’t discuss here, feel free to email the store at and I will be happy to answer it for you.

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