So You Want A Typewriter?

So you want to buy a manual typewriter?  Here is a little checklist of things to look for when looking at one.  And feel free to share with friends. CHECKLIST:  What to look for and test before you buy a manual typewriter. 1) What does the exterior look like?  If it’s a portable, what does the case […]

Unplug and Type-In At Landmark Books

On this day in 1868 a patent (US 79,265) was issued to Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W Soule of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for what they called the ‘type-writer’. Their machine was purchased for $12,000 by Densmore and Yost who peddled the design to E Remington and Sons. The Sholes Glidden Type-Writer went into […]

Landmark Books Buys, Sells and Services Typewriters

So we’ve been in the new location for three weeks now and I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone we do service old manual typewriters and also sell ribbons. In an effort to keep print alive we do our best to help those who love their typing machines. If we don’t have what […]