Special Fiction Reading with Chris Minnick and Paul Stebleton

Landmark Books is proud to offer a special reading of fiction from two first time novelists, Chris Minnick and Paul Stebleton. Both attended University of Michigan Anne Arbor, played in bands and have worn many hats over the years. According to his website, “Chris Minnick is a prolific published author, blogger, trainer, web developer and co-founder of WatzThis?. Minnick […]

Hemingway Wins The Pulitzer

On this day in 1953 Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”. It would be the last major novel to be published in Hemingway’s lifetime and was cited by the Nobel Committee as reason for him winning the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature. The novel is […]

Landmark Books Celebrates the King of the Beats, Jack Kerouac

Tomorrow marks a momentous day for Beat fans as it is the birthday of Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac. We know him better as Jack Kerouac, born March 12th 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Kerouac along with Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs would lead the new style of writing that we refer to today as Beat […]

Landmark Books Declares Westerns ALIVE!

What has happened to the world of western fiction? Has the age of the western died with its aging audience or will there be a younger generation of writers to rise and fill the gap? As the most famous western Authors have passed away readership has also diminished, so much so that they represent the […]

Landmark Books Celebrates Christmas

We at Landmark Books want to wish everyone a very happy holiday this season. We want to thank everyone for your business throughout the year for making Landmark Books a success. We couldn’t be here without all of you who have supported local bookstores and hope to continue to be a destination for your book […]

Get Your Dickens On At Landmark Books

On December 19th, 1843 one of the most famous and influential Christmas books ever written was published in London, England by a small published named Chapman & Hall. The book was called “A Christmas Carol” and it was written by Charles Dickens. The story deals with themes of poverty and wealth and evils of greed […]

Need A Good Used Book?

Landmark Books sells a lot of used books a year, but one of the best sellers bar none is ‘Gone With the Wind’. In observance of Margaret Mitchell’ birthday today (she would be 114 today), I thought we would share some fun facts about her and her monumental piece if Fiction. Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell was […]

Landmark Books Says VOTE!

Today is Election Day and it gave us at Landmark Books an opportunity to learn a little more about the election process. Here are some interesting little tidbits that we learned. The word ‘ballot’ comes from Italian ‘ballotta,’ meaning a “small ball used in voting” or a “secret vote taken by ballots” in Venice, Italy. […]

Authors and LSD

Today being Dr. Timothy Leary’s birthday it seems appropriate to look at LSD and the affect it has had on writing. LSD was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938 and has been a source for expanding one’s mind ever since. One of the early pioneers was Aldous Huxley. His work entitled ‘The Doors of […]

National Book Award Finalists

So last week I somehow missed discussing the National Book Award Finalists, guess it was because a couple of my picks fell by the wayside. Today I would like to review who was left standing after the last cut. •Rabih Alameddine, An Unnecessary Woman (Grove Press/ Grove/Atlantic) •Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See […]