How Did I Join the Typosphere?

I would  like to thank Rose Soma of Western Michigan University for these questions concerning my interest and involvement in the Typosphere. How did you start buying and selling typewriters? Back in college I got a really part-time job at this office machine repair place. They repaired mostly electric typewriters, but would get in a couple […]

Landmark Books Celebrates Four Years

Landmark Books celebrates our fourth year in business on October 1st. It has been an exciting year of readings, workshops and typing fun! We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in 2013. We opened our shop in a three hundred square foot fishbowl of a space and have now doubled in size […]

The Passing of Robert Pirsig

My first year of college was an eye opening experience for a kid who grew up in Maine.  One thing I experimented on were books, looking for something beyond what the tiny school and public libraries of my hometown offered.  I had begun my search for enlightenment and though I never went in search of […]

What Do We Find In Books?

So what do we most often find stuck between the pages of books and what happens to it?  Readers are rather like crows, they will collect odd items and fill their nest with them.  Readers will stick photos, candy wrappers, facial tissue and scratch-off tickets to mark the place their eyes last reached on a […]