Landmark Books, Traverse City’s premier used bookstore has a huge selection of autographed books. The store’s owner has been fascinated by signed books for many years and has gone out of his way to assemble one of the area’s best selections. In the store you will find over five hundred autographed copies from local and national authors that are gift ready.

On the shelves are copies signed by local well known authors Jerry Dennis, Jim Harrison, Russell Chatham and Thomas McGuane as well as Mitch Albom, Michael Moore and Loren Estleman. Most notable of the Michigan selection are signed books by Robert Traver and noted bow hunter Fred Bear.

In the mystery section you will find signed books by several Johns including, John Connolly, John Dunning, John LeCarre’ and John Sanford to name a few. In our fiction section we have autographed copies by modern authors like T.C. Boyle, Joseph Heller and Tom Robbins. There is a signed book from Ken Kesey wildly signed in pen. There is an inscribed first edition of ‘Jaws’ which author Peter Benchley has noted “egregious error on page 292” and notifies the owner that the book is a first edition and is rare.

We have classic autographed books by Edna Ferber, James Jones and Erskine Caldwell. For a list of books available visit the store or call today.

So as the Holiday season approaches, don’t wait until the last minute, show the special book lover in your life how much they mean with a truly one of a kind gift from Landmark Books.

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