This past year has been a heartbreaking one for all of us.  Landmark Books was closed for nearly three months due to the COVID 19 lockdown.  Just as we prepared to reopen, the building was hit with a flood, waters not seen so high in over 100 years.  As we finally reopened, there was much anticipation and hope.

I’d like to say 2020 met expectations, but like most of us, I don’t really think any of the expectations were met.  Survival has become our mantra, keeping the doors open, a daily bid for normalcy.

Did customers return?  Yes, but much fewer regulars than in the past.  I missed seeing many faces on their way through Northern Michigan on their yearly trips.  Seeing their families and catching up.  Though we made some new friends this year, it is my local customers I really thank for this year’s support.

We were unable to host reading this year, and I’m sorry to authors whom we had made commitments to, I hope 2021 will bring better times and an opportunity to make good on those commitments.  I also had to cancel the Seventh Annual Type-In, an event near and dear to me.

What will 2021 bring?  I’m not sure, but it feels like clouds from a major storm breaking and rays of light beginning to push through.  I welcome everyone back to Landmark Books in 2021 for what I hope will be a year for literature and a continued resurgence of the printed word.

Bring On the Books!

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