So You Want A Typewriter?

So you want to buy a manual typewriter?  Here is a little checklist of things to look for when looking at one.  And feel free to share with friends. CHECKLIST:  What to look for and test before you buy a manual typewriter. 1) What does the exterior look like?  If it’s a portable, what does the case […]

Landmark Books Reads In The New Year

As we close out 2016 we take a look back at some of the events of the past year.  We want to thank everyone who participated and the community who attended.  Here are some of the high points of the past year at Landmark Books. March saw us crown the King of the Beats of […]

Landmark Books Turns Three

October 1st marks our third year as Landmark Books. It has been a year full of growth and change as we continue to settle into our store. We have seen author readings, a birthday party and crowned a new King of the Beats of Traverse City. Here is a brief selection of events and excitement […]

Learn To Clean And Maintain Your Typewriter

For those who love their typewriters, you know they need to be cleaned and maintained. And that means more than just changing the ribbon. On September 10th at noon I will demonstrate how to clean a typewriter and also what you need to do to maintain your machine. I have listed some of the basics […]

Upcoming Events At Landmark Books

Landmark Books has some exciting things happening over the next four months, here is a list of a few things we will be featuring. We hope to see you at the store! September 10, 2016 Typing 101: Cleaning and Care; Begins at Noon We will show you how to clean and maintain your manual typewriter. […]